Hand Woven Rugs

What really is a handmade rug?

A floor covering which is made completely by human hands can be done in 3 ways :

1. by hand-knotting,

2. by hand tufting or

3. handwoven, in which natural fibers most commonly wool or silk is used with individual character and design.

Rugs are seen to be manufactured all over the world but most especially, the handmade rug was originated in Asiatic locations. Hand-woven rugs are a firm favorite for floor coverings and yeah, without any doubt, they have been in hot demands for several years. There are people who are great believers of art, they like to go for details, they try to make things look different and better, and when it comes to home decor, they try their best to decorate it the best way possible.

Each rug is painstakingly woven by hand the technique of weaving obviously remains practically unchanged over many centuries-and uses traditional methods in the service of contemporary design. The captivating imperfections of natural fibers and the variation of the human touch are present in every step of process, which certainly makes each of rug truly unique unto itself. Can you say no to such an art? A big no for Me.

Aren’t they too delicate to be put in daily use?

Well, Handwoven rugs are really easy to use. You can simply remove your furniture and can place your rug within a minute. It is a timeless process and easiest way to renovate your room. Once you are done, let the carpet rest in your room and enhance the beauty of your home décor. All you have to do is, clean them regularly. I don’t think there is anything in this mother world which do not have their drawbacks. And plus no one likes to live dirty. We don’t buy carpets regularly, so why not buy something more promising, more attractive and better. We often have faced many situations when despite having many shortcuts, you choose to do it in your own way and try to give it a soulful finish, such as the case of handwoven rugs, some soulful finishing with high-quality stitching. Moreover, you can help the carpet weaver make a living by buying top-quality handmade goods.

Handwoven rugs cover mainly 3-4 types like shag rugs, flatwoven(woolen kilim dhurries), Patch rugs(other pattern) cotton rugs and jute rugs.


Shag area rugs are very famous and trendy carpets, made in different types, like wool, polyester, leather or such other different yarns, for more details you may visit at : www.shaggy-rugs.com

Some of the pictures here are to show you some range, for more details you may contact us.


These kinds of carpets are also known as no pile carpets or dhurries, these are mainly made in wool, cotton and in some cases in jute too.
The designs made in these patterns are kilims, contemporary, solids or stripes. This also covers IKAT RUGS.


With use of cotton in weft there comes out various designs, these are also made in thick quality, as against old-time thin carpets.


This for rustic look is made, where the warp is of wool and weft is of jute.


Patch rugs are most popularly know as vintage carpets, With some technique, we make these kinds of carpet looks old or say vintage pattern.

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