The rugs manufactured by us are supported with different colour box we have with us, more popularly called pom pom box. We have made different sections as per the type of yarn, and varities, these are wool and viscose yarns.

Following are mentioned as under :

GFF - Wool-242 : This is basic pom boxes in wool, for color matching of making rugs in different shades. We have tried to cover all main shades in trend.

GFF - Viscose 320 : When you are looking for shades in viscose colours, for matching the design you wish to get made in rug, you can also make this selection. This is also useful for bamboo silk color matching.

GFF - Wool-600 : After the basic of wool 242 shades, if you are looking for more detailed colours, you can check this wool 600 shade pom boxes.

GFF - Wool-1200 : This covers almost all the shades you are looking in wool, all possible shades you will find here.

GFF - Viscose 1200: For more wide shades this viscose pom box is offering you 1200 options to make the selection.

GFF - A-600 Colors : 600 different kind of wool colours available for the clients, where they can see and advise us the colours to match and make the rugs.

GFF - B-Hardtwist 300 colors : In this the yarn being used is hard twist wool, for making twisted carpets and rugs, which has different effect unlike normal wool.

GFF - C-Viscose 300 colors : When you have to use viscose in making any carpet and has to see how the colour will look, you can choose this 300 shades and decide.

GFF - D-Pastel Colors 640 : When you wish to have soft tones in your carpet, and are looking for pastal colours range, you can see this range of 640 shades.

GFF - E-Contemporary 640 Colors : For contemporary carpet designs, you can choose this box where you can see the range of colours upto 640 shades to match with your style and taste.

GFF - F -Viscose 640 Colors : This is bigger range varities than our Series C. Here you can have 640 different viscose shades as against 300, and can be more specific and particular.

GFF - G-Contemporary Colors 640 : In view of heavy demand of taste of contemporary carpets, the client wish to have more range, so we have added this in addition to Series E.

GFF - H-Hardtwist 640 Colors : Again this is more wider range of pom poms as against series B.

GFF - 4400 Colors : This is something we call innovation, here the pom sizes are small, and you can have around 4400 colours all at once, easy to carry and show the clients for getting the designs and colours approved and proceed with the manufacturing of carpets and rugs.

In above colour range, there are some colours which are popularly being used for making the area rugs and carpets, these are beige, black and white mix together or separate black colour and white colour, blue, lime green, orange, pink, purple and red.

You can even purchase these pom boxed from us, contact us to quote you best prices for these colour boxes.


Colour Box

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