Hand-Knotted Rugs


Indian Hand-knotted carpets & Rugs manufactured in different patterns :

Hand-knotted Rugs with the best quality are manufactured in India, in different patterns like Persian knots, Into-Tibetan knots, Turkish knots, also covering Patch style carpets. All these are covered under the handmade rug.

In India, we are versatile in making the hand-knotted with all the weaving pattern, i..e. Persian weaving pattern, Tibetan weaving pattern. These are commonly known indo-Persian hand-knotted carpets and Indo-Tibetan carpets or Nepalese carpets. When we talk of the quality, it is determined with the knots, which are 60knots, 80, 100,150,200 and more. In addition to these Turkish knots, the weave is also done in different qualities.

The beautiful Indian handmade industry has given us the skill of providing Hand-knotted wool rugs, weaved in different patterns. These are mainly made in the wool pile. The wool being used are Indian Bikaner Blended (Indian and New Zealand mix), or100% New Zealand wool. In addition to the wool pile, silk or artificial silk are also being used as per the orders. These are new rugs and can also be made to look old or antique look.

Sizes of hand-knotted Area rugs:

These hand-knotted wool rugs are made small as well as large size, which also includes oversize rugs. Small sizes are 3x5, 4x6, 5x7, 5x8, 6x9 and 7x9. Large sizes are 8x10, 8x11, 9x12, 10x10, 10x12, 10x13, 10x14, 12x12, 12x15. Oversize rugs: Sizes above 12ft in width and 18ft in length.

Designs mainly in hand-knotted wool rugs:

These floral, Persian and oriental designs are known by their names some of them are Agra - Ardibil - Aubusson - Bakhtiar - Baluchi - Beshir - Berber- Bokhara - Burjesta - Butterfly - Caucasian - Contemporary - Daultabad - Fil Poi - Fish mahi- Gilgit - Gombud - Hatchlu - heriz, Hotan - Hunting - Isfahan - Jaldar - Kargai - Kashan - Kashgai - Kazak - Khal Mohammadi - Kilim - Kirman - Lahore - Mahal - Mashad, Malook - Nain - Novelty - Oushak - Paisley - Pictorial - Prayer - Qum - Sarooq - Senneh - Serapi - Shirvan - Sultanabad - Tabriz - Tree of Life - Tribal-William Morris - Yalameh - Zaher Shahi - Ziegler Mahal.

Handmade Wool Rugs:

These handmade wool rugs can be manufactured in any sizes you need. Even if you have your own design the same can be transformed. Wool having high strength is mostly advisable for high-class rugs. The most demanded rugs are handmade wool rugs which are mostly manufactured in Rug factory in India like us.

Pictures of Persian Knots hand-knotted carpets & Rugs:

Pictures of Tibetan Knots hand-knotted carpets & Rugs:

Pictures of Patch hand-knotted carpets & Rugs :

The above designs may be of china, iran, turkey, Pakistan, morocco, we make all of them, please contact us for your requirements.

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