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Hand Tufted Carpets and Rugs

Manufacturing of Hand tufted Carpet and Rugs
Hand-tufted area rugs are handmade which are beautifully manufactured by us in India, at very cheap(in-expensive) & affordable prices. The construction of these rugs and carpets are in cut or loop or mix of both. Hand-tufted carpets are manufactured in mirzapur-bhadohi belt mainly with all styles.

Hand tufted carpet and rug in Wool or other yarn:

The yarn being used in making these fine rugs may be Indian Bikaner, Blended (Indian -New Zealand ), or 100% Newzealand wool or may also be wool-silk, viscose/art.silk, linen, bamboo silk or mix etc. The thickness is determined with the pile height which ranges from 6mm upto 20mm as per the orders.

Designs/Patterns :

When we wish to choose the designs these can be made in different designs & patterns, like, Animal Design, Kids pattern , Modern or Contemporary , Persian Design or Traditional design or can also be in Shaped rugs (round, square, rectangle or cut shape)

Custom Sizes in hand tufted carpets and rugs :

As per your demand. Normal sizes are 2’x3’, 3’x5’, 5’x8’, 6’x9’, 8’x10’, 9’x12’ and more. Sizes in cms are 60x90, 90x150, 150x240, 180x270, 240x300, 270x370 and so on. In addition to these, we can also make any custom size hand tufted carpets and rugs.

Some pictures are for your kind reference, we have many more patterns/designs, you can contact us for more details

designer area rugs cheap hand-tufted rug modern design hand tufted carpets
Designer area rugs Cheap hand-tufted rug Modern design handtufted
oriental design hand-tufted rug Newzealand wool hand-tufted rugs  
Oriental design hand-tufted rug Newzealand wool
hand-tufted rugs
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